Carrboro Branch Library

About the Friends of the Carrboro Branch Libraries

What exactly do the Friends do?

The Friends is a group of people from all backgrounds, age groups and walks of life who share a common goal: lending active support to the library's services and programming in whatever way they feel best able to contribute.

For some people, donating time to help plan or implement a particular library program is the most satisfying way to contribute. Others prefer to support with a donation to the Friends, who each year help the library to purchase items important to its service mission. Others may wish to help by identifying sources of grant funding and helping to prepare grant proposals.

Whatever form your contribution may take, the Friends welcome your participation. Some examples of Friends' activities include:

Current Board Members

President - Alexandra Brown
Treasurer - Daphne Morrell
Secretary- Cameron Binnie
Art Committee Chair- Nerys Levy
Membership- Karen Eldridge
Donations - open position
Melva Fager Okun

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