a hyperdrama by Charles Deemer

                           Part 1


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First, you may want to read the introductory material before you begin the play.

THE BRIDE OF EDGEFIELD can be performed in any space suitable for a wedding in which eight distinct playing areas can be defined.

For help in adapting the script to another space, feel free to contact the author.

Meet the cast:

JUSTIN BRODEY - twin brother of the late Dr. Brodey and Helen's lawyer. A man with family obligations.

JACK BRODEY - rejected son of the brilliant doctor who is crossing both his father's wishes and the Mafia.

YIN TRUDY BRODEY - heiress, divorcee, seeker, more than a daughter to the late Dr. Brodey and new bride in the Universal Church of Primitive Balance.

YIN CYNDY (DWALLAH) - high priestess of the Universal Church of Primitive Balance, who channels back 25,000 years to become the Priestess Dwallah.

YANG RICHARD - second in command at the Church, groom of Yin Trudy, a man of depth and convictions.

YIN MAXINE - the Brodey's former maid, who received immunity for her testimony against Helen, who has seen the light.

YANG WOLF - a true believer. Why else would he swear allegiance to so many different masters?

ANGELO DIMARCO - from the old country, who believes he can get what he wants (and has the connections to prove it).

SUSANNE WHEELER - looking for a romantic escape. What in the world is she doing here?

EVELYN STRANGE - a reporter on the society beat who ends up writing for the obituaries.

LYLLA ROSE MORRISON - a very tough lawyer with a very tough client.

MATRE'D - the evening's host. Nice guy.

BRAD/BRENDA (WAITPERSON) - Edgefield staff with a double life.

The play begins in four areas. There is a two-minute "prelude" during which the actors mix with the audience in typical "pre-wedding" socializing and nervous waiting. The matre'd, as host, might also introduce the play to the audience during this time. The play begins in earnest at 02:00.

Here is a flow chart of the action in Part 1, the first twenty minutes of the play.

You may also begin your reading with a certain character.

Make your selection and let's get started!