By Charles Deemer



On November 22nd of 1963

There struck in Dallas, Texas, a great calamity


It shocked our mighty nation and all beneath the sun

When U.S. President Kennedy was downed by a sniper’s gun


It happened on the Dallas streets as he rode in a car

And the streets were lined with people and some had traveled far


Yes, some had come from Waco, and some had come from Kent

And some had come from Fort Worth to see the President


Most of the crowd were happy, they cheered as the car drove by

But some were filled with hatred and held their banners high


One banner read as follows, “We hold you in contempt!

Because of your socialist policies, we hold you in contempt!”


The President ignored them, he let the car drive by

For he knew that they were sick in heart and in the minority


The car continued slowly, “They like you,” the governor’s wife said

When above that crowd of people, three shots rang overhead


The President slumped in his seat, the Governor he fell too

And the wives stared at their husbands in shock of what to do


The car rushed to the hospital and doctors to his side

But one shot had been fatal, and the President he died


They caught Lee Harvey Oswald and charged him with the crime

Of assassinating the President, the calamity of our time


Since Oswald had been to Russia, some said, “We told you so!

We gotta kill off all the Commies cause look what they will do!”


These were the same who held the signs against the President

Though their weapons weren’t as fatal, their hatred was as great


For hatred lurks in hearts that fear the unity of Man

Who fear the ultimate brotherhood of white man, black and tan


The President he knew this, he pledged Universal Law

Was a bullet took our leader, was Hatred was the cause