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C'mon baby, nurture my pig!
--The Rev. Horton Heat

BBQ Fan Mail
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Where we've been...

Lexington BBQ#1
Highway 29-70 South, Lexington (704) 249-9814
All the best BBQ joints get 4 pigs 'cause only this one can have 5.

Mountain Smokehouse
20 South Spruce St., Asheville (704) 253-4871
The Mayor wrote a by-law to make this the exception to the rule (see above).

I-85 exit 91 next to the Amoco, Lexington (704) 352-2311
The best shack that all 5 of us have eaten from.

Blue Mist Barbeque
Highway 64 east of Asheboro (919) 625-3980
Best Barbeque not in Lexington.

Bullock's Bar B Cue
3330 Wortham (aka Quebec), I-85 at Hillsborough Rd. exit, Durham (919) 383-6202
Best Barbeque in the Triangle.

Hobgood's Family Barbeque
628 Cary Towne Blvd., Cary NC (919) 380-1118
North Churton Road, Hillsborough
When you're recording at WaveCastle, it's not a Sunday, and you need a Q fix.

Allen & Son Bar-B-Que (3 locations)

  1. Graham: Route 54 just south of I-85, (919) 578-5270
  2. Chapel Hill: Hwy 86, between Chapel Hill and Hillsborough, one mile north of I-40 "if you've gone to the railroad tracks you've gone too far. " (919) 942-7576
    hours: 10am-8pm Mon-Fri; 7am (breakfast)-8pm Sat; closed Sundays
  3. Pittsboro: U.S. 15-501, between Chapel Hill and Pittsboro, just north of the Haw River Bridge roadside BBQ (919) 542-2294

Dip's Country Kitchen
405 W. Rosemary Street, Chapel Hill (919) 942-5837
Good all-round Southern vittles the way your great-grandma (that is, if you're not a Yankee like the Mayor of Carpetbag) made 'em.

Dillard's Bar-B-Que
3291 Fayetteville St., Durham (919) 544-1587
Soul food/BBQ cafeteria with Gospel sauce.

Red Hot & Blue
Elliot Road (off W. Franklin St., next to Wellspring), Chapel Hill (919) 942-RIBS
Bennigan's meets Beale St. Memphis-style pit-cooked for yuppies.

Danny's Bar-B-Que
628 Cary Towne Blvd., Cary NC (919) 380-1118
also at: 311 Ashville Avenue, Cary (919) 851-5541
Florida-style BBQ comes to the 'burbs.

Don Murray's Barbeque
2751 Capital Blvd, Raleigh (919) 872-6270
Taste of the Triangle!

I-85 business, Lexington (704) 249-4647 FAX:(704)249-7592
The BBQ restaurant that makes you want to go kosher!

Claremont (Need address) (704) 459-9889
Just plain nasty!

About the pig rating system:

Any place where we've eaten is eligible for a rating from one to five pigs. If you've got a problem with that, make your own damn bbq site. A two-pig restaurant is still probably worth the effort, just as most days (for us, anyway) a five-dollar bottle of wine achives the desired effect. But a two-pig restaurant is not going to be worh a 150-mile drive. For you auto enthusiasts, here's a handy driving guide--->


A really crude map of our GREAT state
(What? Jesse who?)

Places we'll go...

Smokey Joe's
South Main St. (I-85 bus.), Lexington

Speedy's BBQ
Hwy 8, 3 miles north of the 64-8 intersection, north of Lexington

Backyard Barbeque
WXYC 89.3 FM Chapel Hill, Sun 7-8pm (919) 962-8989
All you can eat in an hour! And open Sundays, too! Too much pork for just one fork!

Murray's BBQ
4700 Old Poole Rd., Raleigh (919) 231-6258
You've gotta trust the taste of anyone whose name starts with "A". Especially if they work at the Blues & Absurder and they're in the Van Gogh-Goghs.

Melton's Barbeque
631 Ridge St., Rocky Mount (919) 446-8513
The "Barbeque King of the South," Colonel Bob Melton (God rest his soul) founded this famous joint.

Joe's Barbeque
1702 S. Madison St. (Hwy. 701 Business), Whiteville (910) 642-3511
US-17, Shalotte (Brunswick County)

Stamey's (2 locations)

  1. Greensboro #1: 2206 High Point Road (910) 299-9888
  2. Greensboro #2: Battleground Ave

Short Sugar's
Scales Street, Reidsville (need phone no.)
"The best Lexington-style BBQ. Cooked with real hickory wood. I get a pound whenever I'm in the area."--Paul Worley

Green River BBQ
Hwy 176, Saluda (just south of Hendersonville), NC (704) 749-9892
Pit-cooked, hardwood coals.

Eastern N.C. (Red Pepper and Vinegar) Style

Flip's Bar-B-Que House
5818 Oleander Drive, Wilmington (910) 799-6350
Taste test: try to tell the styrofoam plates from the barbeque!

Skylight Inn (Jones' Barbeque)
South Lee St., Ayden "Look for the white dome" (919) 746-4113
"The best I ever tasted"-Alan Richman, BBQ pilgrim

Big Nell's Pit Stop
Highway 179 between Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beach (919) 579-6461
Our sources say no-frills BBQ for the minimalist.

Jackson's Big Oak Barbeque
920 South Kerr Avenue, Wilmington (need phone no.)

The following 6 mini-reviews are thanks to Paul Worley

US-301 South, Wilson (need phone no.)
In my opinion, the best of the Eastern BBQ's. I regularly drive a round trip of 60 miles for take-out. Good fixin's (Stew, BBQ Potatoes, Cornsticks)

Forest Hills Rd., Wilson (need phone no.)
A close runner-up to Parker's. They raise their own pigs - "From the squeal to the meal."

US-301 North, Smithfield (need phone no.)
Used to be better before they got into having chain stores. People around here really like it though. It's not cut up as fine as Parker's or Bill's.

White Swan
US-301 South, Smithfield (need phone no.)
Traditionally good BBQ. Local hangout for area Republicans - "Where the conservatives get their pork."

Holt Lake
US-301 South, Smithfield (need phone no.)
BBQ is not as good as the above. Don't bother unless you're more interested in the fixins than the 'Que itself.

BBQ Beyond NC...

Georgia & Alabama: One place that you might look into is Phil Harbison's Internet Barbeque Site. He lifted some of our graphics, but we can't really complain because (we're musicians, after all) we "borrowed" many of them ourselves from various print sources and merely tweaked them with Photoshop. Too many critical theory courses have severely diminished our respect for intellectual property rights, anyway. Why shouldn't the Death of the Author apply to barbeque?

This site was built & maintained by Alec, and created by Alec and Mayor McCripple. We're constantly looking for a second (or third, or fourth) opinion on any of these places, and we invite you to add your comments or submit reviews of places you've eaten at--especially if we haven't. We want this to be the premier internet site for Carolina-style BBQ, so hit the road, get fat, and get back to us!

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