Lexington Barbecue #1

Hwy 29-70 South, Lexington (704) 249-9814

Pure heaven. The Nirvana of pigmeat. The apotheosis of pork.

These folks make the tastiest, most tenderest, and bestest bbq I have yet encountered. There's usually a line of locals and pilgrims going out the door, but the wait is worth it. Try it sliced, chopped, coarse chopped, or outside chopped--my favorite. They also make a really weird but tasty "barbecue slaw," which is brown and tangy and goes perfectly with the bbq. (From what I've gathered, this is the standard regional slaw). The side dishes aren't all that interesting, and Speedy's has better sauce, but no other shack in the state can cook a pig like Lexington Barbecue #1. The sooner you go, the happier you'll be. -The Mayor

You're right, Lex BBQ is tops, and the Lex BBQ on I-85 is the summit. I am from Lex, and never grow tired of it. That was my high school hangout. Sacred ground. Congrats on having such a sophisticated palate.
PS "Honeymonk" is the insider name for the Lexington BBQ. That's what it used to be called. --Honeymonk@aol.com

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