N.C. Barbeque: Murray's Bar-B-Que

4700 Old Poole Rd., Raleigh (919) 231-6258

Hey man, Y'all still playing tonight? If so, when? (you're on last, right?) We're bringing Charles to his first Shinola (and first Pine State, now that I think about it) show, so you better be damn good or you'll have one sad Charles-sized puppy.

If you're taking them, I have some thoughts on Murray's Bar-B-Q. A bunch of us from N&O-land went there for lunch. S'OK, I guess. Not really worth driving from Chapel Hill for, but better than a lot of places in Raleigh. Dry, eastern-N.C.-style BBQ, not very much seasoning, vaguely smokey, not spicy at all. You need a lot of Texas Pete. (I'm sticking to the "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" maxim as far as their sauce is concerned. OK, just this once: Yuck.) Greasy, salty hushpuppies, good slaw tho. Rumor has it they've got good seafood and "the best hot dogs in Raleigh." Lots of pictures of race cars, which can be good if you're into that kind of thing. --Alan Benson

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