by Deirdre Cerkanowicz 
     The PROARTS Open Studios for the Northeast Bay Area was held June 18 and
19, with artists from Hercules, Rodeo, Richmond and El Cerrito and all points
just below the Oakland Berkeley border participating.
     There were two open studios in Point Richmond.  Tina Amidon displayed
some of her painted floor covering, painted canvas that could be hung or used
as very durable and attractive rugs.  Art is the mother or in this case the
"grandmother" of invention, as Tina shows in a witty installation
demonstrating how she came up with one of her other series of works--broken
tea cups and saucers "repaired" in novel ways.
     Down the street two other artists, Dorothy Atkins and Maggie LaForce
shared a studio and displayed their work, mostly paintings strong on 
geometric elements.
     Teresa Albro, formerly of Point Richmond, opened her studio in El
Cerrito to the public.  In addition to her ceramic pieces, there were scarves
by Sydne Isobe, ceramics and photography by Jean Swanson, Pit-fired clay
hearts and mono prints by Natalie Smith and unique animal sculptures by
Barbara Brown and Giovnna Sensi-Isolani.
     If you didn't drop by John Wehrle's studio this year, be sure to look
for his work elsewhere.  John is best known locally for his murals at the
I-80 underpasses at MacDonald and San Pablo.  Now that the construction on
the overpass between Barrett and MacDonald is completed, John will be
reworkng the mural.  Drive or walk by and watch him paint these beautifully
rendered visual juxtapositions of local historic figures from different eras. 
John also painted a very special "mural" for the Richmond Museum of History
for one of their recent programs. Drop in and see it --and let me give you a
hint -- bring a couple of friends, a tripod, and your camera.
     In Marina Bay, Hayedeh Douroudy-Ahi set up an installation, using
wiremesh combined with other media to achieve a very light and ethereal
     Out on Giant Road at the old American Standard factory, which in its
heyday, mass produced those wonderful "ready mades" immortalized by Duchamp
and photographed with such verve by Edward Weston in (_Excudado_) -- the
toilet, is the studio of three sculptors.  William Edenfield makes furniture
and metal sculpture.  Stephen Nomura works with wood and bronze: and
Phillip Nicoll also makes furniture and sculptures.
     Up in Rodeo, instructor and sculptor, Randall Goni, opened up his studio
to display his and his students' work.  There were sculptures in bronze,
ceramics, soapstone and marble rendered in a variety of styles, displaying
the individuality of his students.  There were also some wonderful paintings 
of the landscape around, and in Hercules, Rodeo and Crockett by Larissa Frey.
     Paul Curtis of Hercules and Kim Caggiano of El Sobrante also
participated in the Open Studio, but we were unable to make it to their
studios or to the exhibit at the National Arts and Disabilities.  Oh well, 
there's always next year's Open Studios.

RAC News
     Richmond Art Center participated in the PROARTS Open studios with the
exhibit _Richmond/Points North: Artists Open Studio Preview_, on now through
July 10, 1994.  The exhibit is a great opportunity to see the work of local
     _Living in Balance_, the exhibit featuring works made from recycled
material continues on through July 10, 1994.  Not only is the art composed of
recycled material, so is the exhibit catalogue, which won an award from the
Nonprofit Gallery Association, for its design and use of materials.
     Summer art classes are in full swing at RAC.  Many classes have started
but there are several one-day workshops coming up in July and August on a
variety of techniques.  Drawing, Polaroid transfers, silk scarf painting,
paper making and various jewelry making techniques such as wax mold making
and pro-Columbian metal techniques are being offered.
     Chevron USA was the sponsor of the Richmond Art Center's Adopt-A-Month
program for both May and June.  The $6,000 donated will partially cover
operating expenses at the Art Center for two months.  Chevron also awarded
cash prizes totaling $1,000 to twelve talented young artists at the annual
West Contra Costa County Schools Art Exhibit Awards Night.

Focus On Richmond
     The San Francisco Museum is hosting Dorothea Lange: American Photographs, a retrospective of this great documentary
photographer's work.  Well known for her images of migrant workers and dust 
bowl refugees, Lange also turned her camera on our own Richmond, California.
(See the forthcoming _The Channel_ centerfold feature.)