-by Deirdre Cerkanowicz 
     Sangre Latina's co-founders, Luz de la Riva and Luz-Estela Rebelo,
started the theater group with the hope of providing alternative activities
for street gang members. The group has garnered recognition all over the
state, and has drawn into its folds many members of Richmond's Sur XII gang. 
Two teenage participants in a Sangre Latina have been awarded scholarships
for the summer school program at Stanford University.  Jorge Sandoval and
Jose Cavazos, 18 year old members of the Sangre Latina Theater Group in
Richmond, are among seven disadvantaged youths to receive full scholarships
to Stanford's summer program, says Assistant Dean Andrew Lisac.
     Hugo Salazar, one of the Sangre Latina members, was profiled in the _San
Francisco Examiner_, and has received several letters and offers of financial
support which will enable him to pursue a higher education after he graduates
from high school.
     He and other Sangre Latina participants were invited to visit Stanford
University by Lisac, who familiarized them with the University Art Galleries
and the Chicano Center.  De la Riva says, "They were so impressed, it was
like a dream for them."
     The summer program accepts only 150 applicants nationwide through a
very competitive selection process, but provides around 12 students from
disadvantaged backgrounds with financial aid.      
     In addition, Sangre Latina has been invited to participate in the
International Teen Theater Festival in Puerto Rico in July.  All expenses,
including hotels and food, will be covered by the conference host, but the
group must pay for their own air fare.  The group has raised half the money
necessary through car washes, theater performances and food sales.  The
experience of traveling to a Spanish speaking country, taking part in the
festival, and receiving the support of the local community would give these
young actors a perspective that could change their lives.
     To send donations or for information call Luz de la Riva or Luz-Estela
Rebelo at (510) 215-0242.

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