N O W  &  T H E N
by  Deirdre Cerkanowicz 

Summer Programs
Come see a slide show presented by local educator and historian, Ann Soo.
On September 11 from 2-4 p.m. she will lecture on the history of Chinese 
women in the Bay Area at the Richmond Museum of History, at 400 Nevin 
Avenue.  Call the museum at (510) 235-7387 for more information.  Free.

Walking and Rolling Through Richmond.  
The Richmond Museum of History is considering a new fundraising project --
a cassette tour of Richmond.  Volunteers are needed to help with this
innovative project, especially those with experience in tape duplication,
recording or narration.

"Reel" History
Watching old movies is a good way to learn history, visually. On a recent
trip to Yosemite, we learned that _The Caine Mutiny_ contained a scene of
the famous "Fire Fall" from Glacier Point, which was no longer done by the
time I moved to California.  We rented the video and saw not only the fire
fall but also great shots of the Bay Area in the fifties.  Ansel Adams
liked to watch Keystone Kops movies to see pre-boom Los Angeles.  Films
have been made in our area, too.  I remember back in '76 or '77 watching
_Farewell to Manzanar_.  We could hardly wait to see the big palm tree at
the corner of Martina and West Richmond in one scene.  It was exciting to
see our little neighborhood on TV.  _Farewell To Manzanar_ was a very
moving account of one Japanese family's ordeal based on the book by Jeanne
Wakatsuki Houston.  If the movie ever comes on TV, I recommend watching it. 
Several years later I stood on Washington Avenue watching a film being shot
that was supposedly about Ethel and Julius Rosenberg.  Did anyone see that
film?  Point Molate supposedly appeared in _Dirty Harry_, and I've heard
that some scenes from _Call of the Wild_ were filmed at Point Pinole. 
Email to the _Channel_ and let us know of any movies or commercials filmed
in the area -- we will put a list together for a future issue.  Maybe we
can even set up a mini film festival.