by Deirdre Cerkanowicz 

     Gospel music is a joyous sound of inspiration and hope.  November 12,
1994 marks the first annual  Richmond Fall Gospel Festival '94.  This
exciting event, sponsored by the City of Richmond, Kaiser, and other local
businesses, will benefit the Bay Area Urban League, Community Leader-
ship and Development Institute, and  the Anti Drug Task Force.  Gospel
greats  such as L.A. Mass, from Southern California, and NorCal, a
Hispanic Gospel Choir from Union City, will participate, along with many
other dynamic choirs from Northern California, starting at 5:00 p.m.
Saturday at the Richmond Memorial Convention Center.
     Three independent judges will award cash prizes to the best Adult,
Children and Youth groups.  The groups will be judged on originality,
showmanship and overall performance.  In addition to the performance there will
also be a limited number of booths available for vendors and non-profit groups.
The promoters, SSOV Productions and the City of Richmond, envision this
event as the first in a long series of Gospel Fest to be held annually in
Richmond.  One partner said he hopes this event "will spawn new hope and
life in our youth." Only by people working together can positive change take
place in the community.
     SSOV Productions is composed of five Bay Area entrepreneurs and
concerned citizens.  Using the motto: "Together We Can Make a Difference"
they are working to bring the community together to work on local issues.
The initials of this production company signify Successful Solutions with
Outstanding Virtues.
     Concerned about the problems facing urban youth today -- drugs, gangs, and
unemployment, SSOV has come up with a unique strategy for benefiting
local non-profit groups.  Often fundraisers held to benefit groups seem to
have no immediately observable effect in local conditions.
     The organizers of the event  want to change this;  they want these groups
to make money, instead of letting ticket agencies keep the money as "service
charge".  By offering blocks of tickets for churches and other non-profit
organizations to sell at a $2.00 commission per $12.00 General Seating
ticket, these groups will have immediate cash.
     Tickets are available starting September 15 through Bass -- but why wait?
Pick them upstarting September 1 at the Richmond Convention Center Box
Office or call (510) 232-9883 and ask for Sam Morris or Pamela Hampton.