Graduate Level Coursework in Women's Studies

Courses numbered 100-199 are designed for advanced undergraduates and graduate students. Contact the professor teaching the course to see if additional work can be provided in order to obtain graduate credit. Courses numbered 200-399 are for graduate st udents only. (Please Note: See the Curriculum Course Listing. These courses may not all be offered every year; Please contact the Curriculum in Women's Studies Office for a current Course Promotion Packet.)

Graduate students enrolled at UNC-CH may also take courses at Duke University at no additional cost. A list of courses at Duke is available through the UNC Women's Studies Office. New courses are continually added to the curriculum and one-time course o fferings such as a graduate seminar on the writings of Virginia Woolf, are often featured. Please consult the Women's Studies Office for an updated listing.

Undergraduate Courses in Women's Studies

In some departments, undergraduate courses can be taken for graduate credit with prior approval. Consult the individual departments for detailed information.