Library Resources
for Women's Studies

Many Universities and Research Centers have Women's Studies resources and collections. We've searched the Internet for information on some useful or unique collections. If an OPAC was mentioned as being especially strong in women's resources, we've provided a TELNET link to that OPAC for you.

To browse some other women's studies library resources available over the Internet select any of the following items:

Barnard College Library

Bryn Mawr College
login: library
To exit, type Q
Contains the holdings of Haverford College, Bryn Mawr College, and Swarthmore College

California PolyTech
Guide to the Julia Morgan Collection.

Carnegie Mellon University
Contains a collection of Women's Studies books. You may search by author or title.

Harvard University
Press RETURN when Mitek Server screen appears
Type hollis on the Harvard Univ./Office for Information Technology screen, OR

Type hollis on the Harvard Univ./Office for Information Technology screen.
To exit HOLLIS:
If you used TELNET, hit ESCAPE xx. If you used TN3270, then use the TN3270 escape key
Contains the holdings of the Schlesinger Library at Radcliffe College

The New York Public Library
Contains the holdings of the Schwimmer-Lloyd Collection

Smith College Libraries
Includes holdings of the Sophia Smith Collection in Women's History.

Texas Women's University
This is a brief introduction to the TWU collection. To search their collection via a TELNET session, click here. Use IRIS as the username, and follow the instructions on the screen.

University of Maryland
The "Reading Room" contains some academic papers, works of fiction, non-fiction, history, and poetry. Has some very nice biographies.

University of Missouri-St. Louis
A collection of women's history resources.
Details on resources for doing research in women's studies at UM-St. Louis .

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
UNC-CH has the most extensive holdings of library materials on women's studies in the South. The libraries of the University maintain major acquisitions programs for current and retrospective materials on women related topics. Although resources on women in nearly all areas of the social sciences are collected to some extent, library holdings are particularly strong in history, politics, and socioeconomic conditions and for Southern women, Afro-American women, feminism/women's rights, and labor.

In addition to printed resources, UNC-CH libraries possess significant collections of research materials on women in the form of sound and video recordings, photographs, oral history, transcripts, manuscripts, and computer-readable files. Many of these are housed in the Southern Historical Collection.

You can search for women's studies resources through the UNC-CH libraries OPAC via a TELNET session. Use the username LIBRARY to log into the OPAC.

University of North Carolina-Greensboro
TELNET to the UNC-G OPAC, which is said to house a strong WS collection. Use the username jaclin to log into the OPAC.

University of Wisconsin
Contains tables of contents to several major WS journals.

University of York
Bibliographies on Women's Studies or Feminism.

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