What's New at
The Women's Resource Project?

A lot!

February 26, 1996: Sites have been added to the following headings: Organizations, Sports, and Technology! Check them out!
December 12, 1995: You will probably notice some changes in the upcoming weeks. We are trying to improve the way things are organized and give a short description for each of the sites we point to. We have a lot of new sites to add (about 125), so if you've recommended a site, please bear with us. We'll get to it as soon as we can!
October 17, 1995: I decided that the colors and background were getting in the way of the information. its back to default gray for the time being.

The curator of special collections at Amherst College asked me to remove the image of emily dickinson. its still there, sort of, but probably not of any use to anyone. i just hate being told what to do. : )

July 26, 1995: Renovation has begun! Cosmetic as well as structural changes are being made to enhance the look and feel of the Women's Resource Project.
July 19, 1995: Added over 50 new links to Resources by Subject pages. Also added new categories.

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