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Ceremonial Music


Mainland Ceremonial Music   中国大陆礼仪音乐及乐曲

[Sound]  J01.March_Of_Brave_Volunteers.au  《义勇军进行曲》
[Sound]  J02.The_Internationale.au  《国际歌》
[Sound]  J03.PRC_National_Anthem.au  《中华人民共和国国歌》(音乐)
[Sound]  J04.The_Internationale.au  《国际歌》(音乐)
[Sound]  J05.Five_Star_Red_Flag.au  《五星红旗迎风飘扬》
[Sound]  J06.Welcome_March.au  《迎宾进行曲》
[Sound]  J07.Farewell_March.au  《告别进行曲》
[Sound]  J08.Athlets_March.au  《运动员进行曲》
[Sound]  J09.Union_Friendship_March.au  《团结友谊进行曲》
[Sound]  J10.Troop_Reviewing_March.au  《阅兵进行曲》

Taiwanese Ceremonial Music   中国台湾礼仪音乐及乐曲

[Sound]  J01.ROC_National_Anthem.au  《中华民国国歌》
[Sound]  J02.Plums_March.au  《梅花进行曲》
[Sound]  J03.National_Banner_Song.au  《国旗歌》
[Sound]  J04.National_Banner_Song_Music.au  《国旗歌》(音乐)
[Sound]  J05.National_Day_Song.au  《国庆歌》
[Sound]  J06.Double_10th_Festival.au  《双十节》
[Sound]  J07.Blood_Soaked_Yellow_Flower.au  《碧血黄花》
[Sound]  J08.In_Memory_of_Father_of_ROC.au  《国父纪念曲》
[Sound]  J09.In_Memory_of_President_Jiang.au  《蒋公纪念曲》

Copyright (C), 1996 by Nandi Xie
Copyright (C), 1998 by Xiaoyu Li

The dragon background is copyrighted art work of Xiaoyu Li. Duplication by any means without the copyright owner's permission is not allowed.

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