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Copyright Disclaimer

这里所存的歌曲和音乐,是在过去的许多年中从因特网上直接以数字化的格式收集而成。它们有的来自USENET牛屎铺,更多的是来自无记名上载。我们根本不能确认它们的确切来源,也不能确认它们有无任何版权(或者是公共领域)以及谁才是它们真正的版权所有者。我们把它们收集在这里的目的,也仅仅是为了促成教育与研究和一定程度上的文化交流,并尽可能地使这一段因特网上多媒体发展史得以保留下去。我们从未将它们用于商业目的或者以此牟利。尽管如此,如果您碰巧是这里一些收藏品的版权所有者,并且您不希望它们在这里出现,请您跟我们联系。只要您能出具确切的版权证据,我们将乐意为您将它们从这里的收藏中除去。而对本站的用户来说,也请您们在下载和聍听本站的音乐和歌曲的时候有所注意,您对您自己的行为负责。我们对由于您的下载行为所导致的可能的有关侵权的申控不负任何法律责任。本站就好比是一个公共图书馆里的监收人员。至于您如何使用本处所收藏品,那完全是您和那些收藏品可能有的版权拥有者之间的事。 These songs/music have been collected from the Internet in its digitized form over the years from many unknown netters (via Usenet postings or anonymous FTP uploads). We are unable to verify whether they're copyrighted (or in public domain) or who are their rightful copyright owners. We collected them here together only for the purpose of education, research and cultural exchange and for the purpose of trying to preserve a piece of Internet multimedia history. We have never made any commercial use or gains from maintaining this collection. However, if you're the copyright owners of any songs/music here and would not like your materials being made available from here, please contact us at "chmus@ibiblio.org". With proper proof of ownership, we'd be glad to remove them from this archive. As for the users of this archive, please use your own discretion properly when downloading or listening to the songs/music here or when re-distributing them in other media. We're not responsible for any potential copyright infringement claims caused by your action. Our role is basically very similar to the curator's of a public library. How you are going to use the multimedia contents in the archive is strictly a matter between you and those copyright owners (if there were any).

Copyright (C), 1998, 2001 by Xiaoyu Li

The dragon background is copyrighted art work of Xiaoyu Li. Duplication by any means without the copyright owner's permission is not allowed.

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