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The Music from Other Places


Taiwanese and Hong Kong Music   港台歌曲

[Sound]  T01.Please_Follow_Me  《请跟我来》
[Sound]  T02.Tomorrow_Be_Better.au  《让明天变得更美好》
[Sound]  T03.Follow_Your_Sense.au  《跟着感觉走》
[Sound]  T04.Descendant_Of_Dragon.au  《龙的传人》
[Sound]  T05.When_Dream_Awake.au  《梦醒时分》
[Sound]  T06.Childhood.au  《童年》
[Sound]  T07.LiuWenzheng1.au  《不再孤寂》
[Sound]  T08.One_Time_Lover.au  (中文歌名不详)
[Sound]  T09.Crying_for_Sands.au  《哭沙》
[Sound]  T10.Dim_Bar.au  《伤心酒店》
[Sound]  T11.In_Love_with_Ya.au  (中文歌名不详)
[Sound]  T12.Kiss_Goodbye.au  《吻别》
[Sound]  T13.Leave_Me_Alone.au  (中文歌名不详)
[Sound]  T14.Blue_Flower_Grass.au  《蓝花草》

Foreign Influences   外国歌曲

[Sound]  F01.Goodbye_My_Friend.au  《啊,朋友,再见》
[Sound]  F02.Lovely_Light_Of_Lantern.au  《窗前的灯光》
[Sound]  F03.White_Dove.au  《白鸽》

Copyright (C), 1996 by Nandi Xie
Copyright (C), 1998 by Xiaoyu Li

The dragon background is copyrighted art work of Xiaoyu Li. Duplication by any means without the copyright owner's permission is not allowed.

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