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The Great Empire of China
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本文库中所有内容均由大中华帝国国师不甚了了真人 从英特网上收集,然后再整理、存档,曾由全美中国学生学者自治联合会 中国人社区信息中心伺服机提供服务, 现由IBIBLIO英特网公共信息库的网站提供服务。注意:本页面所用龙纹背景图案版权为 大中华帝国国师所有,除大中华帝国以外的任何个人与组织不得擅自抄袭采用。 All the Chinese text files archived by this site here were collected from the Internet by His Holiness the Grand Master of the Great Empire of China. This collection had once been served by the server of Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars (a.k.a. IFCSS) Chinese Community Information Center (CCIC). It is now being served by "IBIBLIO ", an on-line public digital archive site. Note: The dragon background was copyrighted work of His Holiness. Please do not copy or use without his permission.