A Palace Concert, Anonymous, Tang Dynasty (618-907)

A Palace Concert
Anonymous, Tang Dynasty (618-907)

Ink and colors on silk.

This work bears no seal or signature of the artist. However, the original title slip reads, "Picture of A Palace Concert by a Yan (1279-1368) Artist." Close examination of the hairstyles shows that some are combed in one direction on top (so-called "falling topknots"), while others are combed in two directions and tied into knots by the ears ("side knots"). With different hair ornaments, one of them even wears a "floral headdress." These all correlate with ladies' fashions in the T'ang dynasty. The woven bamboo-top table, cusped crescent stools, winged wine cups, and the way the lute is being played with a large pick all accord with late T'ang customs. For these reasons, this painting ought to be reattributed to the T'ang.

Enjoying Antiquities, Tu Chin (1465-1505)

Enjoying Antiquities
Tu Chin (1465-1505)

Ink and color on silk.

Originally, this work may have been two hanging scroll panels mounted as a standing screen. Representing the appreciation of antiquities, it depicts the leisurely activities of zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting associated with literati. The style is elegant and straightforward, much in the tradition of the Southern Sung (1127-1279) academic mode. Tu Chins fine brush style, as seen in the figures here, greatly influenced the style of Tang Yin starting from the middle of his career.

Auspicious Cranes, Emperor Hui-Tsung, Sung Dynasty

Auspicious Cranes
Emperor Hui-Tsung (1082-1135)

Ink & Color on Silk.

Emperor Hui-Tsung, whose real name was Chao Chi, was the last emperor of the Northern Sung Dynasty.

Waiting for Guests by Lamplight, Ma Lin (1194-1264)

Waiting for Guests by Lamplight
Ma Lin (1194-1264)

Ink and colors on silk.

Second leaf from the album "Wan-shan hua-ts'e"

Viewing Plum Blossoms by Moonlight, Ma Yuan (11901225)

Viewing Plum Blossoms by Moonlight
Ma Yuan (11901225)

Ink and color on silk.

Fan mounted as an album leaf.

Scholar, Anonymous, Song Dynasty (960-1279)

Anonymous, Song Dynasty (960-1279)

Ink and color on silk.

First leaf from the album "Li-tai hua-fu chi-ts'e"

Cat, Anonymous, Song Dynasty (960-1279)

Anonymous, Song Dynasty (960-1279)

Ink and color on silk.

Fourth leaf in the album "Li-tai Hua-fu-Chi"

Night-Shining White, Han Kan (c706-783)

Night-Shining White
Han Kan (c706-783)

Ink and colors on silk.

Shrike on Lychee Branch, Anonymous, Song Dynasty (960-1279)

Shrike on Lychee Branch
Anonymous, Song Dynasty (960-1279)

Ink and color on silk.

There is no signature or seal. The original label had attributed the painting to the 10th century master Hsu Hsi. An inscription by the Chien-lung Emperor is omitted. An inscription on the facing leaf by Chu Chih-pu reads:

[Hsu] Hsi's painting of birds, fishes, flowers or trees was
equal to the marvels of creation.
As for the air and marrow of his works,
they often rivaled those of Huang Chuan and Chao Chang.
His paintings were mostly done on Cheng-hsin-tang paper.
Mi [Fu] Yuan-chang used to say
that the silk Hsu used was like cotton cloth.

Court Lady Enjoying the Cool, Anonymous, Yuan Dynasty (1279-1644)

Court Lady Enjoying the Cool

Anonymous, Yuan Dynasty (1279-1644)

Ink and color on silk.

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