Origin of Chinese Civilization.

Territory of the Shang Dynasty.

Territory of the Qin Dynasty.

Territory of the Han Dynasty.

Diagram of the Three Kingdoms Period.

Territory of the Sui Dynasty.

Territory of the Tang Dynasty.

Territory of the Song Dynasty, with competing dynastic territories.

Territory of the Yuan Dynasty and extent in comparison of the Mongol Empire.

Territory of the Ming Dynasty.

Territory of the Qing Dynasty.

Routes of the Silk road.

Routes of the Silk road.

Zhang Qian's journeys to the west.

Route of the Long March.

Field of Campaigns of the Ever Victorious Army.

The Taiping Dominion.

Moukden, present day Shenyang. c. 1880.

Nanking, present day Nanjing. c.1900.

Tientsin, present day Tianjin. 1870.

Peking (Beijing) and its Environs. c. 1900.

Sino- Soviet Border Conflict. 1969.

Historical Atlas

Origin of Chinese Civilization

Shang Dynasty

Qin Dynasty

Han Dynasty

Three Kingoms

Sui Dynasty

Tang Dynasty

Song Dynasty

Yuan Dynasty

Ming Dynasty

Qing Dynasty

Silk Route

Silk Route

Zhang Qian Route

Long March Route

Ever Victorious Campaign

Taiping Territory





Soviet Border Conflict