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Promotion video for the Seal of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.


On August 3, 2003, the emblem of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games was officially unveiled to the public. It was a milestone in our preparations for the 2008 Olympic Games. The "Chinese Seal-Dancing Beijing" emblem has received wide attention and favorable response worldwide. It is a perfect combination of traditional form of Chinese arts and the Olympic spirit. It reflects the aspiration that the 1.3 billion Chinese people cherish to the Olympic Movement and their unique understanding of the Olympic spirit.


The official emblem of Beijing 2008 entitled "Chinese Seal-Dancing Beijing" cleverly combines the Chinese seal and the art of calligraphy with sporting features, transforming the elements into a human figure running forward and embracing triumph. The figure resembles the Chinese character "Jing", which stands for the name of the host city and represents a particularly significant Chinese style.

The Chinese character 'jing' in small seal script. The evolution of this character into the Beijing Olympic emblem is plain to see.

The artwork embodies four messages: