Design | Medal Box and Certificate


The design of the medals for Paralympic Games is inspired by the ancient Chinese dragon-pattern jade disc: jade disc wedged on the obverse of the medal with the Emblem of the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games in the center. The color of jade varies with the gold medal, silver medal and bronze medal from white, gray-white to gray. The design of the medal hook derives from jade "huang", a ceremonial jade piece with decoration of double dragon pattern and "Pu", the reed mat pattern, classic and elegant.

Reverse Design

The design concept and pattern of the medals for the Paralympic Games is similar to those of the medals for the Olympic Games, reflecting the fairness and mutual respect of all people. The medals for Paralympic Games have the same value and honor with those for Olympic Games and are the best symbol for the concept of "One World One Dream".

Jade culture has lasted for over 8000 years in China. Jade disc used to be a ritual ware for grand ceremonies in ancient China. Besides, Chinese nationality has the tradition of regarding jade as the supreme symbol of prestigious morality. The jade on the Paralympic medals is an honorable recognition of winners and also a modern interpretation of the traditional values of Chinese people, representing the perfect match of the Chinese civilization and the Paralympic Spirit.

Ghatpot mounting is a traditional decoration method for calligraphy and painting in China. It is unique with classic elegance.

Medal Box and Certificate

Medal Box

Lacquering is a traditional Chinese technique. Lacquers painted by this technique are light and firm in quality with calm and conservative color, polished like jade, natural and elegant. The packing case takes the shape of square, tray and lid structure, with slight arc in four sides, representing heaven, earth, and four directions and their harmony. It is made of Paulownia wood and painted red. A golden emblem is wedged on the central top of the lacquer case. Red and gold reflect each other, presenting a glorious style.


Certificate of the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games will be printed on China paper mounted with traditional cloud-pattern ghatpot. China paper is warm, rich, even and clean in texture. The fresh, refined color of ghatpot gives out an elegant, moderate scroll book character.