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This forum was created on 21 July 2007 05:38:23 GMT

Ancient Bhuddist/Hindu rock sculpture, bottom of ocean?

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Joined: 11 Aug 2007
Posts: 12

PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 21:30:15 UTC    Post subject: Ancient Bhuddist/Hindu rock sculpture, bottom of ocean? Reply with quote

Reference: Vertical "President Jackson" ocean-seamount area West of Oregon, showing man-made architectural structures and "Marching Volcanos"

Caution: one annoying advertising popup will appear.

March of Volcanos, showing Jackson seamount area...
Let me try the technical answer...this phenomena of "marching" is explained as the same volcanic vent in the mantle of the earth, which punches through the crust over the millenia, in a distinct single-file fashion as the Crust of the earth moves, and probably the core of the earth also moves. The string of volcanic peaks is shown with my orientation line travelling Northwest, (but plausibly could be southeast direction), which includes the President Jackson seamount area.

src="http://imageshack.us/img/butansn.png" alt="QuickPost" border="0"></a> Quickpost this image to Myspace, Digg,

Crust, mantle, core explanations...

Subject: MBARI Image photographed at 1 mile underwater west of Oregon ... which appears to be similar to Bhuddist/Hindu Mahakala Panjaranatha


Note: The purpose of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute is "Furthering Marine Research through peer efforts of scientists and engineers", which includes submersibles, surface platforms, deep ocean ecologic excursion tours, etc.

They also take photographs which they post on their website, showing undersea lava and rock formations.

Question: Is there any Chinese government or private commercial equivalent groups, that can research underwater areas?

It is one of these photographs which caught my attention, and flipping it around in Adobe Photoshop, I was intrigued at the familiarity of the image. To my continued astonishment, I actually found what appears to be an exact-image likeness to this rock-sculpture among the Bhuddist and Hindu cultures, that of a "Blue Devil", "Blue Demon", "Mahakal Panjaranatha". I have to believe this character was connected in ancient times to the expression..."The Devil in the Deep Blue Sea".

So I contacted MBARI and a "Kim" was kind enough to write back and disagree, saying this image was not 20 feet underwater, not 200 feet underwater, but most likely 3000 + feet underwater, making it near impossible to be a manmade object. Here is his disagreement...

Kim of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, MBARI

"Hello Ed,

Thank you for sending me the link to the original image on our web site. http://www.mbari.org/volcanism/Seamounts/Default.htm
This photo shows the surface of a lava flow on one of the President Jackson Seamounts, off the Coast of Oregon. The surface of the flow has formed a crust that stretched and folded as it cooled, while hotter lava flowed underneath. I think what you are seeing in the photograph is a colder, more rigid section of the lava crust that is being carried along with the rest of the crust as it buckles.

You can more about this lava on our expedition web pages here: http://www.mbari.org/expeditions/WestCoast/logpages/July26.htm. I have also attached a second view during the same dive, which shows the area around this lava formation (which is visible in the lower left portion of the image).

These lavas erupted about 2 to 4 million years ago, when the volcano was thousands of feet below the sea surface. The volcano has only continued to sink since then, and is presently at a depth of about 1,700 meters (about one mile deep). Since the lava has never been even close to the surface of the ocean, it seems unlikely that this feature is man-made. I'm sorry to disappoint you with this information, but I just thought you should know."

Sincerely, Kim .....
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute MBARI http://www.MBARI.org

My answer...

"Kim... This absolutely is a man-made glyph field, it looks like a graffiti wall. I sincerely believe these structures to be either ancient man-made, pre-flood, or, the only other possibility is if they are modern US military or oil prospecting which is hardly likely given the dimensions of the structures.

Plausibly the habitat was created on the top of the Jackson seamount, during the ice-age when the seamount area was above water, only to be spread downwards from its original source location with the normal cold-crusting motions driven by lower hot-lava flow underneath, exactly what you mention.

I say MBARI photographed a major historical find."

Original MBARI photograph, in the 3000 feet deep area, possibly as deep as 1 mile, in the President Jackson seamount...

Closeup comparison of undersea image with Mahakala Panjaranatha

Note: Look for the third eye, in the middle of the forehead, both figures...

Comparison with Babylon Dragon, and figure at Teotihuacan, right staircase...

Mahakala Panjaranatha, full screen
Love, Peace, Happiness to all.
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Joined: 11 Aug 2007
Posts: 12

PostPosted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 18:45:49 UTC    Post subject: Ancient Venus Culture Reply with quote

Mixing Architecture, Astronomy, and Theology: The Worldwide Venus Culture, the Ishtar, Itza, "Atza-tlan-tos"

Atlantic ocean with Bermuda Venus location and stellar lines/bridges

Imagine being given keys to the treasure room.

Imagine entering that room to a library full of ancient manuscripts, and 3 arrows pointing to 5 rooms, a whole group of more ancient manuscripts, and 3 arrows in each room pointing to 5 more rooms, and on, and on, and on.

I am overwhelmed in my utter, catastrophic ignorance.

Can we, on these websites, understand a culture of people who totally habitated virtually every square foot of the floor of the Atlantic, Pacific and Caribbean oceans, and were wiped out almost without a trace or historical record?

Graham Hancock of Fingerprints of the Gods put it best to a television audience..(paraphrased) ."There is the distinct possibility that whole epochs of time, whole civilizations of high cultures higher than our own, have come and gone, with no trace of them even existing."

The Ishtar Venus Worldwide, pre-Flood High Civilization
Can we comprehend a single theologic, astronomic culture focused on understanding the Sun, the Moon, the Itza-Ishtar-Venus time machine, and all the planets, and binary stars, and eclipses, and everything except one.... things falling from the sky: Comets, meteors, asteroids. These were the flying dragons, the world destroyers for which they had no understanding whatsoever.

On the path of Venus: "The orbit of Venus is such that it produces a very strange but interesting effect when viewed from Earth against the backdrop of fixed stars that we know as the zodiac. The planet appears to move in the form of a five-pointed star with the sun at its centre, taking a 40 year cycle to repeat the process. These movements are far more reliable than a proverbial Swiss clock. If one understands the position of Venus, one knows the time and date to a precision measured in seconds over hundreds of years." Uriel's Machine, pg. 100, Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas.

Bermuda-Venus up close with lines

Bermuda-Venus up close without lines

Can we try to understand ancient cultures, beyond our known histories, who built laser-beam walls or highways 1000 miles long from the East Coast of Japan to the Aleutians, and beyond to California? Or criss-crossing the Atlantic and Caribbean?

The only known modern culture with anything similar is the ancient Chinese Walls, some hundreds of miles long.

Japan-Pacific Venus Land Bridges, "March of the Thuban Alignments" indicating date of construction by angle of declination...

Japan-Pacific Venus Star Thuban alignments

1000 miles East of Japan, Pacific Ocean floor, Venus-Geoglyph, 66 degree Thuban alignment, without lines

Can we comprehend 1000 foot pyramids? Or single geoglyphs, 800 miles across, visible today under the ocean using radar satellite images?

Can we imagine a million square miles of Caribbean sea-bottom habitats being engulfed in a single year? Or in a single night?

I feel like I stumbled across the keys to the treasure room. I am locating ancient stellar and architectural locations virtually every 1000 feet of all undeveloped earth, onshore and on the ocean bottoms, and its easy for you too because the ancients pointed the way. Those ancient laser-pointers are visible under the ocean, and even under dirt and sand, from satellite images 1200 miles up!

And Yes to a very limited degree, Google Earth can look under dirt too, especially in wet soils where the stones and the sand project "wet shadows" and imprints.

The ancients had to be so far ahead of us in so many aspects, we have been dummied down to ignorance.

Next up... "Atza-tlan-tos", the "Ishtar-Land-Gods", the land of Life, Death, Rebirth...
Love, Peace, Happiness to all.
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Joined: 11 Aug 2007
Posts: 12

PostPosted: Mon Apr 07, 2008 05:19:47 UTC    Post subject: Atlantean clues, underwater temple complexes? Reply with quote

Atlantis area, Topography insert

As mentioned before, I see an overwhelming incidence of circular architectural boundaries and ancient habitation centers on what are now the ocean floors and coastal shelves all over the world.

Having said this, I am at the highest confidence level that I have found what can be described as the "Atlantis area". "Atl" means "water" and phonetically, the Aztec water, i.e., "At-l" and "water" sound kinda-sorta close to each other. "Atl-land" is I believe "Water land", and is tied in to the "A" and the "T"... "beginning and end", the land of creation, the land of life, death, and rebirth.

And doesn't the Aten sun disk follow the same concept... a circular disk of "no beginning", "no end", and "rebirth into eternal life"? When you really think about it, we are born like fish in a water bag, and the ancients believe you end up in the water of the earth, or return to the womb to be reborn. While you are alive on earth, the sun provides all life, even though, it too is born every morning, dies every night, then is reborn out of the Eastern ocean the next morning.

I call the 1700 by 1000 mile Caribbean undersea and onshore sections of the world, including Mexico and Yucatan and surrounding islands, the "Atlantean civilization", saturated with 30-35 undersea circular "Aten-style" habitation complexes.

Caribbean and Mesoamerican areas.. Top Nine undersea habitat locations...

But rather than show them all, I chose the 8 or 9 most prominent underwater circular structures and habitat communities, namely:

1 Brownsville-Louisiana
2. Tampico, Mexico
3 Veracruz Mexico
4 Convergence of Florida, Cuba, and Yucatan... "The Concentric Circle Gatekeeper" of the Gulf of Mexico. This is my most fascinating location.
5 Cayman Island area
6 North Panama/Costa Rica
7 Jamaica South 1
8 Jamaica South 2
9 Tobago, Barbados, north islands chain

Area one is off the coast of Brownsville Texas. While it shows massive temple complexes with a strategic location, and I say it was a part of the Atlantean era, it does not fit with the mythologies of Atlantean locations too well.

Areas two and three are the Tampico-Veracruz Mexico areas, again showing massive temple complexes, and I say it was a part of the Atlantean era, but does not fit the mythologies of Atlantis specifics.

Location 4: The Gateway, the "Tollkeeper position", the "Operating System for the entire Gulf of Mexico" and the transit point to the Pacific Ocean... this is an extremely strategic and habitated location, and it really resonates with the Atlantean mythologies...

Like no other location in the Caribbean area, this location 4 is the ultimate gatekeeper location, you have to pay your toll to pass, and it is a concentric-architected, circle-style boundary location with a few major temple locations shown.

Conceptually, you could call Florida, Cuba, Yucatan and Mexico as the "four pillars that held up the world", i.e., North America. I describe this as an amazingly important location, and is also at the end of a promotory of either Florida or Yucatan, AND at the virtual beginning of an entire continent, AND the way into a smaller sea leading to the passageway into the "really true ocean" the Pacific.

This location is my new number one candidate for Atlantis.

And then location 4 gets very interesting. Up close, difficult to discern, a 90-mile diameter concentric-circular "Water Land", showing architectural structures..."The Gatekeeper".... compared with an old graphic of the Atlantis island complex... amazingly close in my book!

Just further into the Gulf of Mexico, past the Gateway, are a massive set of temple complexes on the Gulf floor. To complement this incredible location are what appear to be "Mount Rushmore" cliff-face human images ringing the entranceway, showing very familiar facial features lining the Eastern and western wall cliffs. Am I just imaginging these?

I say if any candidate in the world is Atlantis, this #4 Gateway area is Atlantis, Grand Central Station. But can I prove it? No.

Location 5 is the Cayman Island area, mentioned earlier, very interesing and certainly part of the Atlantean culture, but not matching the Atlantean myth.

Location 6 is on the eastern side of the Panama and Costa Rica coast, very interesing and certainly part of the Atlantean culture, but not conducive to the Atlantean myth.

Location 7 and 8, Jamaican South 1 and South 2... massive circular temple complex, very interesing and certainly part of the Atlantean culture, but not conducive to the Atlantean myth.

Location nine is the British Virgin Island area, south towards Barbados...massive circular and rectangular temple complexes, very interesing and certainly part of the Atlantean culture, but not conducive to the Atlantean myth.

Background notes, amateur's research...

From my viewpoint, there is a distinct difference between the earliest habitations on the floors of the ocean, and the more modern but still ancient habitation structures on the coastal shelf areas.

It seems the Venus geoglyphs exist exclusively on the ocean floors, while the circular Aten-disk-style structures exist on the coastal shelves.

For me, while Venus-Thuban alignments are found in all the ocean bottoms amd several onshore locations, the Gulf of Mexico Area, the Bimini-Bahamas and Caribbean island chains shows the highest concentrations of these 20-40 overlapping circular-shelf, Aten-disk-style communities.

Matriarchal Societies existed in the extreme ancient times, while Patriarchal Societies are comparatively more modern. Why?

Mother Goddess - Venus and the Moon Theologies, versus the Sun Theologies?

With all these massive circular-shelf communities, I am reminded of the ancient Egyptian theologies of the Aten sun disk, and the Hebrew Aleph and Tau symbolics of Beginning and End, all focusing on the "circle of life" concepts..."Life, Death, Rebirth".

There were many ancient beliefs, but the most ancient of them all seems to be the veneration of the Mother Goddess, the Mother of creation, the "Viracocha", the "Life Womb", or the serpent goddess Ishtar, and later the planet Venus, all female.

We have mentioned the 5-pointed star is often seen on the bottom of the ocean in 300 mile large geoglyphs...and let's not forget the mythologies of Aphrodite and Venus, "born of a seashell".

But then came radical religious, social, geographic, and even architectural changes, the most prominent example is the transition from animalistic, reptillian, and monstrous representations of Gods and Goddesses, to more human forms. And of course, the female dominance among the Gods was replaced with male dominated cults and religions. Again I ask, Why?

Mythology and Architectural Guesswork...
So how did things change so radically? I am suggesting flood catastrophes may have played a role. Where I see ancient Venus symbolics on the floor of the oceans via the satellite images, I see the Aten sun-disk-style of geometry on the coastal shelves. It is as if the lowest level communities were flooded out completely, and the first survivors, having lost their faith in the female Goddesses, the survivors re-established themselves on higher ground with a whole set of Male and Female Gods (such as the Egyptian Osirian era overwhelming the Shu and Anu era of earlier Egypt), and then these Aten-disk communites such as "water land", "Atl-land", Atlantis, were ALSO flooded out, to be replaced by male dominated Gods (such as the Olympians defeating the Titans).

I don't have good answers, maybe not even good questions, but when you think about it deeper, you might ask yourself... what survived the flood catastrophes?

Answer: The Sun survived the catastrophes. Post deluge, it may have taken 10 years for the sun to reappear in the morning skies, with the atmospheres cleared of all volcanic or meteoric debris, but the Sun was reborn once more, and the earth survived.

Conclusion? The Sun was more dominant than the Moon or Venus? The Sun was the center of all life?

As a consequence, I believe we read about Sun Gods dominating all other Gods and Goddesses, and Males dominating the females, and diminishing the roles of women. But this is major guesswork on my part, for real academics to sort out, I only have the questions, and imagination to help me out.

Anyways, I am offering these plausible locations as the Atlantis community, especially the Gateway position #4, the circular and concentric circular structure, beyond Florida, Cuba, and Yucatan, which seems to have controlled access to the Gulf and to the Pacific.

I give this information to my grandchildren, Madden, Tommy-John, Paulie Morgan, and nephew Darian Lacsamana. This information is for tomorrow's world, I don't think we can comprehend it yet, it is way to stunning for me.
Love, Peace, Happiness to all.
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Joined: 11 Aug 2007
Posts: 12

PostPosted: Wed Apr 09, 2008 12:38:24 UTC    Post subject: Taiwan to Philippines, Ancient land bridge and habitats Reply with quote

South of Taiwan to Northern Philippines, major temple complex and human habitat area

South of Taiwan, up close...details of temple structures, cities....

Obvious conclusion, there was a land bridge and human habitat from Taiwan to Philippines in ancient times...
Love, Peace, Happiness to all.
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Joined: 11 Aug 2007
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 11, 2008 04:00:18 UTC    Post subject: Mediterranean Habitats... and Grid-Squares Mapping Reply with quote

In following the Atlantic-floor, rectangular grid-squares of the ancients, I found the same mapping technique in both selected parts of the Mediterranean and the Pacific Ocean.

In the Eastern Mediterranean, north of the Delta in Egypt, West of Israel and Lebanon, and South of Turkey, Crete, and Greece, I found a concentration of these rectangular grid-mapping examples, plus the usual massive temple complexes, with rectangular area boundaries.

What I didn't find were the "Aten-style" circular boundary Temple complexes, found predominantly in the Caribbean and the Western Atlantic.

Full Mediterranean, with Eastern Mediterranean flagged...

Eastern Mediterranean "regional image", enhanced with Photoshop: West of Israel and Lebanon, north of the Delta of Egypt, and South of Turkey and Crete.... showing rectangular grid-squares and temple complexes...

South of Greece and the Santorini areas...

There is one obvious seamount in this image, and on the top of this central location is an exceedingly recognizable rectangular structure, which I have called "Temple of Poseidon".
This structure, "Temple of Poseidon", is 150 miles due West of Sidon, Lebanon, and 60 Miles south of Crete....

I could take a whole hour to discuss what I know in my heart about these images, what I am convinced is already well-known by academics, military researchers, oil prospectors, and archaeologists worldwide, that the ocean seamounts were habitated thousands of years ago, and their indicators are everywhere, in all oceans.

And DNA comparisons show East Asian habitation in the American northwest, 10,000 years ago!

For example, Columbia.edu... your Indian Ocean-floor images of 1994 show human habitats, and I know you know!!!

Sidenote: For an idea of the causes of the ancient flood epochs, and there were more than a few, an Interesting article... Andrea Thompson, Space.com
Seawater Holds Clues to Asteroid Impacts
Love, Peace, Happiness to all.
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Joined: 11 Aug 2007
Posts: 12

PostPosted: Fri Apr 11, 2008 16:42:00 UTC    Post subject: More MBARI artifacts...3000 - 5000 feet underwater Reply with quote

I ask the readers, what do you think of another Monterey Bay image article, the photo taken at 3000 or 5000 feet under the ocean, showing a Greekish Gorgon?

Again, I have found these antiquities on the President Jackson Seamount, as if some ship sank with a load full of antiques.

The Debris field contains what appears to be a shepherd's crook scroll symbolic, a rock face with some hieroglyphic on it, and a Gorgon style head, which could be the Mahakala Panjaranatha, discussed earlier.

Original undersea submersible Photo from Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, who believe these images are located between 3000 and 5000 feet below President Jackson Seamount, off the coast of Oregon...

What is most fascinating, as you look just to the left of the facial image, is some unmistakable writing hieroglyphic image.

Gorgon head... aka Mahakala Panjaranatha ?
closeup, left to right...

Shepherd's crook, or scroll; hieroglyphic on rock face, Gorgon head....

The artifacts in these MBARI photographs are priceless, yet they still don't believe ME, about what they have already found! (Oh well!??)
Do they have any more photographs, or a CD filled with JPEGs I could buy?

Greek Gorgon example

PS... I ask Weichenxi and anybody else, let me have your permission to name an undersea geoglyph for you. I mean, if I am finding 10,000 geoglyphs under the ocean, really, but how can we officially name them for ourselves? Is there any international recording location, which is unversally accepted, like a star registry or something?
Love, Peace, Happiness to all.
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Site Admin

Joined: 20 Jul 2007
Posts: 91

PostPosted: Sat Apr 12, 2008 02:40:37 UTC    Post subject: On Topic Reply with quote

Please try to keep posts on the topic of Chinese history, art and culture, not Greek gorgons on the ocean floor.
Kind regards,
Richard Wertz
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Joined: 11 Aug 2007
Posts: 12

PostPosted: Sat Apr 12, 2008 06:31:01 UTC    Post subject: I didn't explain myself Reply with quote

The Gorgon looking figure is most probably the Mahakala Panjaranatha, a Bhuddist/Hindu blue demon, dragon, etc.

There is a major, major connection between the ancient Blue Demon figurehead, and the very close, but more modern Greekish Gorgon Medusa, humanized demon, both with fangs.

And the center of the Aztec calendar stone of Mexico, is visually somewhere between the two fanged images of Mahakala Panjaranatha and Gorgon Medusa.

I sent the comparison images to the Greek government in 2005, and they were in complete agreement of the visual identicalness of the comparisons.

So I call the vague figure "Gorgon", but it is most probably the Bhuddist, ancient Chinese Blue Demon.

The mythologies and theologies blend all together, with the Egyptian God Thoth, aka Djeheuty, the Chinese theology Tao de Ching, the Greek Hermetic Philosophy, and the Aztecan Teoti-huacan. I believe they are very much in the same "Gods of Knowledge and Wisdom" flavors.

But Rich... are you discouraging my posts? Say the word, and I will go away, no problem.
Love, Peace, Happiness to all.
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Site Admin

Joined: 20 Jul 2007
Posts: 91

PostPosted: Sat Apr 12, 2008 15:45:09 UTC    Post subject: Gorgon? Reply with quote

'Gorgon' is associated with Greek culture; it might be helpful to make a connection with Buddhist/Hindu iconography here so that visitors (including myself) aren't confused as to the relative nature these images provide to the overall mandate of this forum.
I would never discourage anyone from posting (except spam!). It might also be helpful if you could divide your posts into separate topics in the Archaeology forum for the future so that any new information you have to offer can be viewed separately.
Thanks for your contributions! They are enlightening.
Kind regards,
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