This space was created to give teachers and all educators a chance to access the vast resources the Internet has to offer. Hopefully, these resources may provide a new direction for you to explore or an idea you hadn't considered before.

The opportunities which come with today's technological developments can be a double-edged blade. With the advent of such technologies as distance learning, computers, interactive multimedia, and others, there is more than ever to incorporate into your lesson plans, which allows for more variety and change; however, this leads to a dilemma of what to choose, where to find it, and the execution of your plans. Whereas prior instructors have dealt with children on a "speak-when-you're-spoken-to" basis, today's educators have to realize that children come in all different levels and at all different abilities.

If you're reading this from a computer terminal, you have already joined the thousands of educators who are at the forefront of the technological revolution which has begun to crest in the field of education. Many higher-level computing conferences now feature sessions devoted to educators and education and are taught by fellow colleagues, which generally leads turnout to be standing-room-only. This demonstrates an exciting interest by educators to expand their local views to a global one, peering out of their window to the world.

Of course, not everyone in every school district has access to technology which permits them to see this text over a computer connection or via modem; funding is extremely limited in the educational field. The schools which most often need access to new technologies are usually the ones which are denied it, and this is the sad fact of education in America -- indeed, world-wide.

With the advent of new technologies, teachers can hope to strive for a world-wide view of education, allowing students to see that the community they live in is linked to many, many others in the universe. To create history, we cannot live in the past. It is now, then, we invite you to explore the richesses contained herein.

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