Submitting Information to CEARCH

The folks at the Cisco Educational Archives would like to encourage submissions of original work and link information pertaining to education and educators on the Internet. An "Internet link" will be loosely defined as: mailing lists, email contact addresses, gopher sites and World Wide Web sites.

We would like to include everything which is submitted to us; however, there is a fair amount of self-promotion which comes through as well. Projects and information which are done for a non-profit enterprise or as part of a school-related enterprise are more likely to receive attention from CEARCH than more commercial ventures. However, commercial sites which offer a shareware or freeware version of their product for educational use (or who have a sufficiently comprehensible explanation of their product on their web pages) will also be considered.

CEARCH is willing to host your articles or publish your education-related papers as long as the focus of the articles or paper(s) is educational in nature, preferably with a technological slant. Please send any submissions in text or HTML format to Do not send word processing documents - the most efficient way for us to place your files on our server is if they are in text or HTML format only.

Operating on a limited budget of both time and money, educators need to be able to find the information they need, quickly. We at CEARCH hope to facilitate this search, and hope that you will help us do so.

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