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Networking News

Getting Schools Connected

Where Are We Going, How Do We Get There, & Why?

Some tips on what the Internet could do in your classroom, how to find out more about it and where to access it.

How Do I Form Some Ideas & Convince Others of Them?

Now you're interested in the 'net, but you're not sure how to put that together as a cohesive idea or proposal. Here you'll find info to help you create a vision and then sell it to others around you.

So Far, So Good, But What Do I Actually Do Now?

You've made it this far, but now you're not sure what you actually need to do to make the Internet a reality in your classroom. We've got some technical nitty-gritty for you.

Now That We've Got It, Is There Anything Else?

Wow! The web-server's up and the students are surfing, but are there non-technical issues you'll need to consider? You'd better believe it, but don't worry--we're here to point you in the right direction.

The Schoolhouse NOC offers a discussion list for its users. Want to ask one another questions, share your experiences, or get the advice of those who have done it all before? Send a message to with no subject and the following in the message body:

subscribe noc-list your first and last names

You will receive a welcome file with further discussion of the list's use at that time.

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