OOG, the Object Oriented Game
OOG is an MS Windows shareware application that lets you play with and attempt to solve the polyform puzzles of Tangrams, Pentominoes and Hexagons. MCM Productions, the producers of this software, say, "If you're into puzzles, you have to check it out!"
Educational Software Institute
ESI has an online site which bills itself as a "one-stop educational software resource center" and holds claim to over 7,000 titles of K-12 educational software. Online ordering is easy and secure.
LOGAL Software Company
LOGAL develops and publishes interactive CD-ROMs for Macintosh and Windows, and offers free demos of their products.
EASI: Equal access to Software and Information
A web site devoted to making information technology accessible to persons with disabilities..
Numerous links to shareware and freeware software packages for younger children. This list includes toddler-lever to elementary school software (letters, numbers, shapes, keyboard bangers, etc.).

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