Books, Book Companies, and Online Stores

Alice in Wonderland
The entire book online, thanks to Project Gutenberg
the Internet's largest online bookstore
BookWire: The Book Publishing Industry's Online Information Resource
Groupe Casterman
A French-language publishing firm located in Belgium.
CyberBooks brings the best publishing companies on the Web together in one convenient browsable website.
Future Fantasy Bookstore
Sponsored by Digital, this page has everything for the science and fantasy fiction fan.
Internet Book Shop
Jostens Learning Products
Louisiana University Press
Macmillan Computer Publishing
includes Adobe Press, Alpha, Brady, Hayden, New Riders, Que, Que College, and other software and hardware product guides.
MIT Press Bookstore
O'Reilly & Associates
Computer books, software and online publishing.
Oryx Press
an independent publishing company who publishes information on all levels of education.
Powell's Books
Over a million used, new and out of print books in stock. A search form assists you in your queries, and you can order books immediately. Discounts available for libraries and other educational groups.
Prentice Hall
Scholastic Central
Scholastic's list of books and magazines that they publish are of interest to the educator and student alike.
UNC Press
Virtual Booksellers Association
Lists of booksellers available on-line.

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