Virtual Schoolhouse


Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library
Located at Duke University, this site is huge and contains archives about such subjects as the Women's Liberation Movement and the Duke Papyrus Archive. (That last one is Egyptian writings, by the way...)
Librarians' Index to the Internet
From the folks at the California State Library AND the metalab at Berkeley.
CEAL - The Council on East Asian Libraries
Has information guides on libraries in North and South Korea, Taiwan, Asia, Hong Kong, Japan, China, and Macau.
University of Michigan Library
A virtual guide to U of M's library and its centralised resources.
WWW Virtual Library
A subject listing for the Virtual Library. Includes Law libraries, educational libraries, and science and technology libraries, among others.
Yahoo's List of Library Links
The popular search engine's 'Library' categories.
The Internet Public Library
Includes an extensive list of 'net magazines and newspapers.
Tulane University's Special Collection
Including the Jazz Archives and the Lousiana Collection
Library Catalogs with Web Interfaces

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