New Information Servers

National Association of Secondary School Principals
Well-done web site, including the National Honor Society, National Association of Student Councils, National Association of Student Activities Advisors, American Technology Honor Society, and National High School Alliance.
Council of Educational Facility Planners, International
The CEFPI was founded in 1921, and is dedicated to "promot[ing] creative and responsible planning, design, and construction and/or renovation of facilities which will provide the best possible learning environment for all students" [from the mission statement].
The Scout Report
This weekly publication provided by the Info Scout provides a sampling of the best of newly announced Internet resources, which are designed to complement the goals of today's educator or administrator.
Developing Educational Standards
This is a page set up by Putnam Valley Schools (Putnam Valley, New York) in an attempt to keep up with the growing documentation on developing across-the-board standards for schools and educators.
Institute for the Learning Sciences
This resource, located at Northwestern University in Illinois, is devoted to practically applying new technologies to the workplace, school, community, and home. There is information here about teaching architectures and technical reports, on-line projects and more.
North Carolina Education Information Web
Urban Education Web
housed at Columbia University, UEW has announcements about conferences for the urban educator and summaries of current research and a great search engine.
Sponsered by Syracuse University, The US Department of Education and others, AskERIC is one of the net's oldest education resources. It includes a Q&A section and lots of administrative planning resources.
CNIDR's K-12 Server
An archive sponsored by The Clearinghouse for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval
The EdWeb Project
a "hyperbook" designed to present the world of educational computing and networking in a single, easy-to-use guide.
The National Center for Technology Planning
This site contains articles and research compiled by leading educators and administrators on incorporating technology into schools.
The Global Schoolhouse
A demonstration project at CNIDR that shows ways to use technology in K-12 instruction.

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