The Playground

Magazines and E-Zines

Cyberkids Magazine
Free online magazine with artwork and stories created by kids, featuring writing and art contests, safe surfing for kids and keypals from around the globe.
Nothing fishy about it -- it's a monthly web magazine with information on colleges, educational opportunities, youth issues, and more. Very well done and constantly updated with new information and resources.
Formerly GameBytes Magazine, GamesDomain is THE source for video and computer game cheats, demos, and info.
International KidsNewswire
News stories by and for kids from the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth
Janice's K-12 Cyberspace OUTPOST
Kid Web
Kid source material, online libraries, organized by subject.
Kids on Campus
Navigating the Information Superhighway
Midlink Magazine
The Electronic Magazine for Kids in the Middle Grades
the California Museum of Photography's page with an interactive gallery and much more
The World of Benjamin Franklin
The Yuckiest Site on the Internet
As it is billed, provides information on science and science-related questions - right now there are exhibits on worms and bugs.

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