Star CEARCH Schools of the Months!

July 1996

Addison Elementary School - Located in Addison, Georgia, this school's site has an extensive photograph album of their students, faculty and staff. With recommendations for books to read over the summer and regular updates (Media Center hours and PTA information are two examples), Addison's pages are well worth viewing.

North Hagerstown High School - Washington County Maryland - The largest high school in their county, NHHS' web pages feature projects by students and teachers in addition to a wealth of information about the school itself. Very well done, these pages have value for their community, the county, and beyond.

February 1996

Chief Leschi Schools - home for future generations of Native Americans - in Tacoma, Washington. "Our goal is to provide the opportunity for our Native American children to grow with modern tools in the hopes of contributing to contemporary society without losing the spirit and tradition that is our heritage." A showcase of a wonderful school which is very dedicated to its heritage, its students and staff.

December 1995/January 1996

Gilo High School - in Jerusalem Israel: Running their site off of a Linux server, enhancing their graphic presentation for Netscape 2.0, this site is definitely a tribute to students who can take charge of their projects.

Iolani School - in Honolulu Hawaii: Featuring an aerial tour of the school grounds, a historical outline of the Iolani School and email listings of graduates (from 1924 (!) to 1995). The Iolani School site also has listings of each department for both upper and lower schools.

November, 1995

Montgomery Blair High School Silver Spring, Maryland, USA -- Housing two special academic programs -- the Communication Arts Program and Math, Sciences, and Computer Sciences Magnet Program -- this high school has serious talent. Their web pages were designed and maintained exclusively by students.

October, 1995

New South Wales Department of School Education New South Wales, Australia -- with information for educators in Australia, reviews of relevant educational web sites, and community outreach technology programs.

September, 1995

Kent School District in Kent, Washington -- comprehensive site with information on school development and general resources. Read more about Cisco's involvement with this school.

August, 1995

New Horizons Regional Education Center -- Hampton Virginia

June/July, 1995

Wanniassa Hills Primary School Located down under, in beautiful Canberra Australia.

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