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The information here is for students and educators who wish to learn more about the opportunities for extracurricular programs -- programs which occur outside of a regular school setting. Such programs can be as short as a weekend or as long as a summer. For instance, here in North Carolina there are several summer programs which last six weeks or more -- Governor's School (for rising 11th and 12th graders), Duke's Talent Identification Program (TIP) (for 4th through 12 graders), Summerbridge (for rising middle/junior high school students and for high school-college age students), & Summer Ventures (for high schoolers), to name a few for students.

If there are programs in your state which happen outside the normal confines of a school day and which have information on the 'net, please send us mail at or use our handy-dandy mailform (forms-capable browsers only).

Summer Programs - students

Summer Programs - teachers/administrators

Got information on a summer program you would like to have listed here? Send us the relevant details (plus a URL for us to point towards) and we'll include it in our listings.

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