Non-Signal Corp Units

Hard to find information on non-Signal Corps units found while researching Signal Corps units


81st Field Artillery: "History & Operations of the Eighty First Field Artillery Battalion, 8 June 1940 to 7 May 1945. Three part PDF.

While researching my later father's service in the WWII Signal Corps and related Signal Corps units and working with other families, we have come across information about non-Signal Corps units that is not readily available elsewhere.

To assist families researching their relatives, I created this site to share what we found.
Sharing it may allow other familes to skip the time consuming process needed to find this information.

As with information about WWII Signal Corps, some information is from sources which pre-date the internet and are not available on the web. Some of the items on the internet are not easily retrievable. Other have not been digitized in a searchable format.

Many WWII veterans shared little about their experiences.

Their descendents may gain insights into what their family member experienced by studying the artifacts and stories of those who served in similar units at similar times and places.


This site is dedicated to my family history friend Ursula Liphardt of Germany. Her father-in-law, her husband Wolfgang's father, was Vincent Scott of the 81st Field Artillery. She contacted me for help in researching her father-in-law and understanding the WWII American Army English of the documents she found.

The first artifact shared is the 81st Field Artillery's history. It was printed in Erfurt, Germany where the unit was stationed on occupation duty..

By sharing it on my site, it is now available to the people of Erfurt, and to the families of those who served in the 81st Field Artillery.Families whose ancestors served in non-Signal Corps units have also asked for help.

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