Pre-Internship Contact

Asking the right questions

Prior to the starting date of your internship, you may find it helpful to contact your future manager to get information that can help you plan for the weeks or months ahead.

Some of the questions you may want to ask are:

1. What are the starting and ending dates     for my internship?
2. How much and how often will I be paid     and when will I receive my first     paycheck?
3. What is the dress code?
4. What hours will I be working?
5. Where should I report on the first day?
6. Is there a particular contact person I     should see when I arrive?

Assembling Impressive Correspondence

In business communications, using the proper spelling and grammar is important. In the communications business, using the proper spelling and grammar is imperative.

You should treat the first call, letter or e-mail prior to the starting date of your internship like your first article or project submission. Be sure to type, spell-check and properly date your note.

Ask a friend or teacher to look over your letter or e-mail before you send it, and if you are planning to make a telephone call, practice what you plan to say before making the call.

Telephone and e-mail contact

Telephone and e-mail contact is more direct and informal than letter writing, but may be unnerving for those without ample professional experience. Letter writing is less direct and is more impersonal, but allows you to ask a multitude of questions that may require "looking into" in an organized, unobtrusive manner.

You have the right to ask questions before arriving on the job, and you deserve clear-cut answers. But, whichever mode of communication you choose, try to keep the letter, call or e-mail to its minimum possible length. Be respectful of others' time when you are spelling out what you need to know, and be patient waiting for a response.

Read more about etiquette for telephone and e-mail contact.

Revised 04-03-00