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Talk to My Agent: Software Agents in Virtual Reality
Some "experts" believe that we will soon trust personal "software agents" to not only know what we, as consumers want to buy, but actually trust them to spend our money for us. Sound like the theme to a bad cyberpunk novel? John Horberg explains the reality of agents and how they just might change our lives.

Deciding The Nation's Telecommunications Policy
Vice President Al Gore wants to work with industry, Congress, and the American people to create a fair and workable telecommunications policy for the country. But some in Congress have a different idea. Should free markets rule the intensely competitive companies instead? John December reports on the recent Washington Conference on Federal, State, and Local Telecommunications Policy.

TaTTOO '95 OnLine: A Virtual Trade Exhibition
About 200 virtual delegates went to TaTTOO'95--the first interactive real-time trade exhibition on the Internet. Hosted by De Montfort University, the conference is an excellent example of how the real and virtual worlds can benefit from networking technology. De Montfort's Chris Hand and Mark Skipper explain to CMC readers how a combination of the WWW and MOOs made it all possible.

Book Excerpt: Computer-Mediated Communication and the Online Classroom: Overview and Perspective
In this introduction to the first of three volumes on CMC and education, authors Zane Berge and Mauri Collins expose the benefits of the "Holy Grail" of instruction that enables students to learn anything, any time, anywhere. Before that lofty goal can be reached, teachers must first understand how technology helps them fulfill their educational goals.

Who Was Marshall McLuhan?
Book/Software Review by Mick Doherty

Internet 101
Book Review by Amelia DeLoach

Searching for Bob
Editorial by John December

From the Nets
Pop Culture, Valentine Style by Lisa Schmeiser

Peter Bachman of Skidmore College responds to January's "Last Link" discussion regarding metaphors between Kevin Hunt and Mick Doherty. Jacquard and Yeats guest star!

The Last Link
Where are "Elizabeth" and "Betsy"? Laura Gurak suspects that CMC is not the completely egalitarian space we imagine it to be, and calls for accommodation in On "Bob," "Thomas," and Other New Friends: Gender in Cyberspace.

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