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Editor's Page

January 1995 Special Issue
CMC '95: Preview, Predictions, Prognostications

Special Issue Editors: Mick Doherty and Kevin Hunt
Production Manager: Lee Honeycutt
Editorial Assistants: Chris Lapham, Kirsten Cooke

A Message from Mick and Kevin

This special issue of Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine heralds the new year of 1995 with a peek into the immediate future of CMC. We took on the task of co-editing this issue eagerly anticipating the contributions of a number of luminaries in the wide-ranging field nominally called "CMC," and we have not been disappointed; certainly we hope you, the reader, aren't either!

This Issue

You might like to start with Michael Heim's metaphysical take on the world of CMC; Nerds in the Noosphere is our Cover Story for this issue. In it, Heim puts a spin on the concept of "virtual community" that you have probably never seen before.

What will we see in the near future? In our Prognostications section, Laura Gurak does some cybercasting and argues that the future is what we, not technology, make it. Taking a shorter-term view, John December makes a series of predictions about changes he forsees in technology, scholarship, and society in 1995. And finally, Steve Cisler has a few well-timed warnings about a specific future, that of community networking.

On the academic front, writing instructors Bill Hart-Davidson and Tari Fanderclai take aim at examining CMC in the university, or more specifically, in the composition classroom. Hart-Davidson calls for a new brand of literacy, while Fanderclai argues for a new and innovative classroom fostered by MUD technology. Look for both these views in The CMC Writer's Bloc: A View From the Academy.

But it's not all schoolwork... in Takin' Care of Business, Thomas I.M. Ho examines ways the World Wide Web is affecting everyday business operations, while Greg Siering prognosticates about how MUDspace will be useful as more than just a place to play.

And speaking of play, in It's All Fun and Games...?, Peter Jerram asks what computers have done--and will continue to do-- for us at home. Is entertainment all there is? Meanwhile the team of Becky Rickly and Eric Crump collaborate to play with new ideas regarding CMC and academia.

Finally, in the Last Link space that has traditionally closed our magazine, we step outside of our co-editor roles briefly to swap some letters about the current brouhaha regarding metaphors for cyberspace. And as long as we're mentioning letters, we'd like to remind our readership--please feel free to write to us regarding this special issue or any other ideas you have regarding CMC and the magazine. Address all correspondence to John December at: at any time.

Thanks for This Issue

Thanks, of course, to John December for giving us the opportunity to explore the future of CMC in the realm of this magazine. Thanks to Lee Honeycutt, Chris Lapham, and Kirsten Cooke for sticking around Troy to do the necessary production work. And thanks to the many talented authors and essaysists who contributed their ideas to this look down the road of CMC.

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