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E-Literacies: Politexts, Hypertexts, and Other Cultural Formations in the Late Age of Print
In her novel Pentimento, Lillian Hellman advises her best friend Julia to "Take Chances!!" Now, it's your turn. Writer, educator, artist, and hypertext theorist Nancy Kaplan presents us with an intriguing challenge to explore the creative possibilities of hypertext.

Are You Decent?
Senator James Exon's new Senate Bill, the Communications Decency Act of 1995, is causing an uproar in the online community. Some netizens are calling it the greatest challenge yet to the First Amendment. Kirsten Cooke's news report sheds light on the issue and the varied responses to it.

The Cutting Edge: News in Brief
Chief Correspondent Chris Lapham rounds up the latest in CMC News: the seizure of a Finnish Postnews server by Interpol, the resurrection of the WebAnts project, and the first G7 International Communications Policy conference.

Book Excerpt:
Computer-Mediated Communication and Community
We are creating new worlds, and our imaginations and thoughts will be the forces that colonize the electronic frontier: Steve Jones's romantic vision of a wired society is artfully presented in this introductory chapter from his new book of essays, CyberSociety: Computer-Mediated Communication and Community.

Book Excerpt:
Computer-Mediated Communication and the Online Classroom in Higher Education
A look at the introduction to the second of three volumes by Zane Berge and Mauri Collins, which examines computers in the educational environment.

Well-Constructed Gophers: Is Your Gopher Golden?
The Internet Gopher has proven to be a popular tool for delivering information, but how do you make a "golden" Gopher? Jeff Kosokoff presents a schema for appraising and improving Gopher servers.

Electronic Feedback: CMC Magazine Visits The Netoric Cafe

You are cordially invited to "eavesdrop" on the virtual debates that followed our January special issue, "Previews, Predictions, Prognostications." Various "technorhetoricians" met in MOOspace to discuss pedagogical issues with Netoric founders Tari Fanderclai and Greg Siering.

Cybersmith: Tales of the First Coffee Shop on the Infobahn
CMC MagazineGraphics Editor Jason Teague reviews what he calls "the latest evolution of cyberspace," a coffee-klatch establishment in Cambridge, Mass. called "Cybersmith." It's a place where technojunkies go to combine the two C's which keep them all moving -- computers and coffee, but in a public space rather than a basement apartment.

From the Nets . . .
Women on the Web by Lisa Schmeiser
Of Style and Substance by Lisa Schmeiser

Vic Moberg responds to Laura Gurak's February Last Link.

The Last Link
Ubiquitous Computing vs. Radical Privacy: A Reconsideration of the Future
Consider Porush's Law: "Participating in the newest communications technologies becomes compulsory if you want to remain part of the culture." David Porush embarks on a Talmudic journey toward understanding "future culture" in his response to Steve Doheny-Farina's October, 1994 Last Link.

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