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Seattle, WA:

Citizens form a local organization called CCCS to build a campaign to unplug Channel One from the entire Seattle school district.

Grants Pass, OR:

The school district unplugs Channel One. Curriculum Director Steve Iverson said the district wanted to free up time “for more relevant and traditional teaching concepts.”

Berkeley, CA:

Thanks to community pressure, the school board votes to ban advertising and logos in the school. The policy comes in response to controversy over a proposed exclusive contract with Pepsi.

San Francisco, CA:

After meeting with representatives of the Center, Levi Strauss & Co. decides not to advertise on Channel One.

Denver, CO:

A citizen and environmental coalition succeeds in defeating a state bill that would have cut all funding for environmental education. Also, parent Cathy Garbini leads effort to keep Channel One out of George Washington High School.

Midway, TX:

Midway High School unplugs Channel One. The school’s principal decided the program was a waste of time.

Guymon, OK:

The Center works with concerned locals to keep Channel One out of their school. Community members convince their school boards that educational concerns outweigh the promise of “free” TV equipment.

New Orleans, LA:

The Center leads workshop for school board members on setting guidelines to protect students and schools from advertising.

Birmingham, AL:

The Center leads a workshop for school board members on setting guidelines to protect students and schools from advertising.

Johnson City, TN:

The school board of Science Hill Educational Complex turns down a contract with Coke.

Urbanna, VA:

After a closed door meeting, the school board decides to not entertain a contract from Channel One.

Washington, DC:

The Center releases a new research study that finds Channel One costs taxpayers $1.8 billion annually in lost instructional time, including $300 million in class time lost to commercials.

Gaylordsville, CT:

PTA President and parent, Janne Barry, succeeds in keeping Channel One out of the high school.

New Milford, CT:

Due to parent outcry and pressure, the school board votes to not accept Channel One.

Albany, NY:

For the third consecutive year, the Center successfully keeps Channel One out of New York State, the program’s largest untapped market.

Greencastle, PA:

Concerned citizens keep Channel One out of their school!

Parkersburg, WV:

Student Michael Hissam continues efforts to remove Channel One from his high school by producing an educational brochure and writing an article for his local newspaper.

Stevens Point, WI:

The Center works with the National Environmental Education Advancement Project to train environmental educators to respond to right wing attacks on environmental education.

Madison, WI:

The Ad Hoc Committee to Defend Madison Schools leads a protest and collects over 1,000 signatures in support of their efforts to keep Coke out of the schools; also, State Rep. Marlin Schneider introduces legislation that would prohibit advertising in schools.

Viroqua, WI:

The school board turns down Pepsi contract thanks to an effort led by school board member, Carl Volden.


“Schools should be about teaching students to make their own choices, not coercing them to buy things they don’t need. My child is not on sale for corporate advertising attacks, especially while on school grounds!”

-Seattle parent Rebecca Hughes

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