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People all over the country are standing up and fighting against commercialism in our classrooms. To find out more about the issues, visit our Commercialism in the Schools section. Would you like to see our map of Victories and Actions (PDF)?

Youth Advisory Board members Tristan Kading and Nell Geiser speak at the September demonstration against the advertising industry’s Golden Marble Awards in New York
If you need additional help, fill out our membership form, and join people across the country using the Center's resources to fight commercialism in their communities.

Seven Ways to Fight Commercialism in Your District:


Walk Through: Get a group together and walk through your school. Look for sponsored educational materials, posters and textbooks with company names and ads, banner ads on computers, Channel One, soda machines, etc….Take pictures, collect examples, and write it all down! Use this information to show your local school board members how much commercialism is in your district. The Center has example reports and forms to guide you.


Write an editorial or letter to the editor for your local newspaper: Explain why you’re opposed to commercialism. Think of this as a way to reach a larger audience—everyone who reads it and agrees with you is one more person who can help. Be sure to include your contact info and The Center’s. Call the Center at 1-800-UNPLUG1 for advice and examples.


Create a petition: Get your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family to sign on and collect signatures of people they know who oppose commercialism in schools. Bring these signatures (with the info from your walk-through) to a school board meeting to show members there is public opposition to commercialism in your district.


Get rid of Channel One: Does your district have Channel One? If so, the contract rolls over each school year. Work with other students, parents, teachers, and community members to pressure your school board not to renew the contract. Call the Center at 1-800-UNPLUG1 for articles and information on Channel One.


Hold a town-hall meeting, public forum, or teach-in: Invite school board members, teachers, students, community members, and local organizations to come to a discussion at your local library, school building, or church. Have information (the Center has many resources) about commercialism in schools and how it relates to your district. Let the public voice their concerns!


Get a committee together to draft a district- wide commercialism policy: Do you know people who are concerned about this issue? Get them together and draft a policy dictating what, if any, commercialism should be allowed in your district. Find a sympathetic school board member to work with you and use the tactics above to get the word out! The Center has sample policies available.


Identify allies: Talk to everyone you know about this issue to build support! Local groups who are concerned about globalization, environmental issues, education, issues that effect children and youth, and health groups are often concerned about this issue. Attend their meetings, write and call their members—-the more people who speak out, the more likely you are to win! Call the Center at 1-800-UNPLUG1 for other contacts in your area.

What you can do to fight commercialism in your schools:

We're all busy people, and you may not believe you have the time to work for change. You might be surprised at what you can accomplish with just a few minutes of your time:

Estimated Time What you can do
1 minute Leave a phone message.
5 minutes Make a phone call.
  Write a postcard.
10 minutes Send a brief email message to all the people in your community who have email.
15 minutes Send a brief email message to your superintendent and school board.
30 minutes Write a letter to the editor of your local paper or PTO newsletter.
  Write a press release.
60 minutes Fax a press release to local media outlets.
  Give a presentation at a PTO or staff meeting
  Go to your child's school, meet with the principal for 15 minutes, and return home.
90 minutes Do a Commercialism Walkthrough of your school with 3 other people.

Resources you can use

A sample survey on commercialism
A sample press release
A sample resolution against commercialism in schools
Other organizations to contact for information
A sample letter to the editor


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