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Organised Chaos

by Peter Foster

Permission: full

FormationBase: Zia
Progression: Double



(8) Neighbor gypsy right || C1 corner gypsy right

(8) Neighbor swing || C1 corner swing


(8) Neighbor promenade across || C1 corner promenade counterclockwise (3/8 or 5/8) (dancer's choice)

(8) Ladies chain to partner || Grand ladies chain one place to partner


(8) In long lines, go forward and back || In a square, go forward and back

(8) Partner swing || Partner swing; form a square


(4) Balance ring

(4) Partner gate clockwise 1/4 (women are posts) || Partner gate clockwise 1/2 (centers are posts); face N2

(4) Balance ring [with N2]

(4) Pass through along (N2R)

Calling Notes:

For the square, couples can promenade 3/8 or 5/8. If 3/8, they'll progress one spot around the square. If 5/8, they'll progress two spots around the square.

In the B2 gate in the contras, the women are already progressed. The women merely pivot in place as the men move towards their progressed spot.
Appearances: website Foster