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Rumpus Room

by Peter Foster

Permission: full

FormationBase: Zia
Progression: Double



(8) Circle left 1 || Circle left 1/2

(8) Neighbor swing || C1 corner swing


(8) Ladies chain to partner || Grand ladies chain to corner C3

(8) Ladies chain to neighbor || Grand ladies chain to corner C1


(2) Women allemande right 1/2 || Women star right 1/4

(4) Partner star promenade (WR)

(4) Partner butterfly whirl clockwise

(6) Partner swing || Partner swing; form a square


(4) Partner lead to the right to face N2

(4) Circle left 1/2 [with N2]

(4) Balance ring [with N2]

(4) Partner California twirl

Calling Notes:

In the middle, circle and star promenade direction are fuzzy. As long as people have squared the set at the end of the B1, so all are progressing down a contra line.

For "lead to the right" -- in the square, everyone with partner promenades counterclockwise 1/4 and faces out. In contras, progress to next, which means women pivot, gating their partner into progressed positions.
Appearances: website Foster