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Zig Zag Zia

by Bob Isaacs

Permission: full

FormationBase: Zia
Progression: Double



(8) As couples, go forward and back (along the set) || As a square, go forward and back

(8) Circle left 1 || Circle left 1/2


(4) Balance ring

(4) Petronella turn

(4) Balance ring

(4) Petronella turn; face next


(4) N2 neighbor balance

(12) N2 neighbor swing


(4) Circle left 1/2 [with N2]

(12) Partner swing; face N3

Calling Notes:

Zia is two crossed contra lines with a square in the middle. Half the branches should have an even number of couples, the other half odd.

Appearances: SharedWeight selections <>
2014 RPDLW syllabus, p 11
Videos: 1 2