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Whose Za One Zia or Nzia

by Bill Baritompa

Permission: full

FormationBase: Zia
Progression: Double



(6) Circle left 3/4 || Circle left 3/8

(10) Partner swing || C1 corner swing


(4) Men allemande left 1/2 || Men star left 1/2

(12) Neighbor swing || C3 corner swing


(8) Ladies chain to partner || Grand ladies chain to corner C1

(8) Ladies chain to neighbor || Grand ladies chain to corner C3


(8) Neighbor promenade across || C3 corner promenade 1/2

(6) Star left 1/2; face N2 || [All eight] Star left 3/8; face N2

(2) Pass through along (N2R)

Calling Notes:

It's not a mixer in the square.
Square moves everyone one position clockwise.
Appearances: SharedWeight <>