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by Seth Tepfer

Permission: full

FormationBase: Grid Contra
FormationDetail: Improper
Progression: Double



(4) Balance ring

(4) Petronella turn; face next major set

(4) Balance ring [with N2]

(4) Pass through along (N2R)


(8) Men allemande right 1 & 1/2

(8) N3 neighbor swing


(8) Broken hey 1/2 (ML;PR;women allemande left 1)

(8) Partner swing


(8) In long lines, go forward and back

(6) Circle left 3/4 [with N2]

(2) Pass through along (N3R)

Calling Notes:

Neighbors are numbered by the order you encounter them -- they're all neighbors from other sets unless you're at the edge.

Moves you to next major set, then progresses you one position.

Net effect is progression is along diagonal lines, rather than straight lines.

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