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Devil's Dream

by Traditional

Permission: full

FormationBase: Duple Minor - Improper
Progression: Single



(6) Ones lead down || Twos go up outside

(2) Turn alone

(6) Ones lead up || Twos go down outside

(2) Neighbor mirror allemande 1/2 (ones split twos)


(6) Ones go down outside || Twos lead up

(2) Turn alone

(6) Ones go up outside || Twos lead down

(2) Neighbor allemande left 3/4


(8) Ladies chain to partner

(8) Ladies chain to neighbor


(8) Neighbor promenade across

(8) Right and left through with neighbor

Calling Notes:

This is the version from "Cracking Chestnuts"
Edit check: RPDLW has a typo.

Edit: Add Ricky Holden version, which has a promenade/right and left through in the B2.
Appearances: Cracking Chestnuts, p 30
The Country Dance Book, p 112
1994 RPDLW syllabus, p 39
2004 RPDLW syllabus, p 18
2009 RPDLW syllabus, p 39
Northern Junket, vol 8, no 10, p 33
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website Hume <>
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