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The New Parliament House Jig

by John Colville

Permission: search

FormationBase: Set dance for 9 people
FormationDetail: Nine person grid
Progression: Special
PhraseStructure: 8*8*2


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Calling Notes:

For original instructions, see:

Nine person set in grid, facing up. Partners are on sides in a row
Have centers, left wings (left-hand partner), right wings( right-hand partner)
Also, center is prime minister, corners are extremists, other four are moderates.

First star happens in NE quadrant of the grid.
Appearances: 2009 RPDLW syllabus, p 9
Don Armstrong's Dance Workbook, p 57 ("The Prime Minister's Breakdown")
website Thomas Green ("The New Parliament House Jig", "The Prime Minister")
Community Dance Journal, vol 2018, no Oct, p 2 ("The Prime Minister")
Videos: 1 2 3 4