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Tips for Shift Workers | Computer Eye Care | Driving while drowsy | Computer Workstation Ergonomics | Nutrition | Workstation Yoga

Tips for Shift Workers:
How to eat, sleep, and stay fit when you work unusual hours.
(working nights calendar)
Top Ten List for Coping with Change
Brochure: The Rewards and Challenges of Shift Work.


Computer Eye Care:
Numerous topics/articles on this website related to VDTs, eyestrain, use of color on monitors.
Use site’s search function: key words: “computer eyestrain”
Title of article: Eye M.D.s offer Advice to Combat Computer Eyestrain (March 1, 2001).

(See also Workstation Yoga section)


Driving while drowsy:


Computer Workstation Ergonomics:
Risks, Symptoms, injuries, workstation evaluation and instructions.

Portion Distortion quiz.
USDA dietary recommendations in new food pyramid launched in June 2005 by the MyPyramid Food Guidance System. Website will personalize the USDA recommendations for you.
Serving size card with pictures to show you what a standard food serving looks like.


Workstation Yoga:
14 exercises in one easy-to-print version you can buy in PDF format.
Pictures and instructions; includes Yoga for your eyes.