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This is a page for COSI (Carolina Open Source Initiative) until it gets official university recognition. COSI is an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting Open Source software, principles and practices on campus.

We're in the middle of a migration! Check out our new page at


Mailing list:
Join by going to or asking to be put on the listserv.

What We Want

  • A broad group of people participating in lobbying, support, and all sorts of collaborative efforts using or about software. Whew!

  • A speaker at the beginning of the fall '07 semester

  • To blanket CTOPS with CDs offering easy access to FOSS (Free Open Source Software). Let us know if you want to help with software selection or with money!

CTOPS dates:
June 4-5                July 9-10                August 16-17
June 7-8                July 12-13
June 11-12            July 16-17
June 14-15            July 19-20
June 18-19            July 23-24
June 21-22            July 26-27


If you'd like to be an officer, please let us know!

Partner Organizations


We have a facebook group and a listserv, we count members a variety of ways. At current (4/10/07), there are 84 members in our facebook group.

What We're Doing

Setting up our SLICE site!

SLICE uses the open source project Joomla!

Recruiting members and giving out software at CTOPS (freshman orientation) this summer.
Building a list of health-related open source software.
Building a list of campus oriented open source software so we can eventually take our list to some administrators to make some things happen.
Building a list of other open source software to form a repository for interested parties.

What We've Done

We co-sponsored the IBM VP for Open Source on March 14, 2007.

We wrote our Vision and Growth Strategy to get official recognition from UNC-Chapel Hill.

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