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Please get in touch with Doug (or another former officer) if you'd like any assistance in getting COSI back off the ground!

Carolina Open Source Initiative (COSI) was an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting Open Source software, principles and practices at UNC-CH. Check out our FAQ to learn more about Open Source software, and why you should get involved!

Software Freedom Day was a huge success! Thank you to our participants, sponsors, volunteers, and everyone who came to the event. Please join our mailing list or our facebook group for updates throughout the year on Open Source Software-related events on campus and in the area.

Sorry, but spam problems have forced us to limit edits to users who have confirmed an email address. If you'd like to lend a hand, let Cmpalmer know.

What's New?

We've started having socials every week on either Thursday of Friday! Get on the listserv if you want to know where each week! 21+ to drink, of course, but since the time is 6:30, you can get food at most all of the bars at that time.

We have an unofficial group now:

Get Involved!

Mailing list: You can join our mailing list, carolina-opensource, by going to or asking Jon to add you.

Facebook: Join our facebook group for announcements and discussion.


Because we have a facebook group and a listserv, we can count members in multiple ways. As of February, 2008, there are 130 members in our facebook group and a large number of people on our listserv!

Join us!

Want to help us distribute open source software? Talk to Jon!

Former Officers

  • Cristobal Palmer, Co-President/Co-Founder
  • Jon Bersuder, Co-President
  • Calvin Young, VP of Computer Science Relations
  • Doug Whitfield, Co-Founder, Former President
  • Shaddi Hasan, Treasurer

If you'd like to be an officer, please let us know!

Partner Organizations


COSI aims to facilitate communication and collaboration among campus individuals and groups who want to utilize, support or develop Open Source software. We are devoted to educating students, faculty and staff about Open Source software and its technical, economic and social benefits. We are committed to offering positive and realistic Open Source solutions to campus needs and challenges.

Please also see our Vision and Growth Strategy page, and our FAQ page for those new to Open Source software.


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Just for Women

Think open source software is just for guys? Think again.