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One of the more popular features of Firefox is it ability to extend its functionality through extensions (also called Add-on). These extensions allow the end-user to make many changes to their browsing experience, and gives programmers a operating system-independent platform to allow more people to use their software.

Popular Add-ons

Speed up browsing by blocking advertisements from being downloaded from websites
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client with features such as multi-server support, logging, DCC chat and file transfer
Integrates your browser with, a social bookmarking service.
Edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.
Cross-Platform File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client built into browser.
Replaces Flash objects in websites with placeholders to speed up browsing and block annoying advertisements
Allows for users customization of web pages using javascript. hundreds of scripts available at
Allows for pages to be displayed using Internet Explorer (Window only)
Allows only trusted sites to run executable content on your computer.
Allows user to save snippets of texts, links to sites, and notes, and to quickly manage them.
A "collaborative surfing tool" that can help one discover hundreds of interesting sites.
Adds a menu bar with many different helpful tools for web development.
Helps collect, manage, and cite research sources.

Comparisons to Internet Explorer